Cedar Waxwing
BraeBurn No. 4
January 30, 2017
Another very distinctive bird that
calls BraeBurn home during part
of the year is the berry-eating
Cedar Waxwing. These unique,
small (7” long), black-masked
birds flock together in large
groups of up to 20 individuals
and spend the winter in the
southern US before returning to
the northern US and Canada for
the summer. That wintertime
residency makes them easy to spot at BraeBurn in our leafless trees and
in our neighborhoods. I have seen them in the golden raintree trees behind
hole number 8 and in the trees along the fence that borders hole number 4.
They are a smooth brown in color with a pale yellowish belly and sport that
black mask and a distinctive yellow band at the end of their tails.
Look for this attractive bird visiting south Texas in the winter because they
venture far north in the summer.