Snowy Egret, BraeBurn No. 5, April 12, 2017
One of the most common wading birds at BraeBurn is the Snowy Egret.
It is about 60% of the size of our also common Great Egret, which also calls
BraeBurn home, and it is somewhat similar in size and appearance to the
Cattle Egret but it is easily identified by its all-white body, black legs, and yellow
feet. The Cattle Egret is very common in southeast Texas but I have not yet seen
it at BraeBurn, probably because the Snowy Egret is a true wader and the
Cattle Egret prefers to spend most of its time in fields, stalking insects
often near – ready? – cattle.
We are at the northern end of the Snowy Egret’s year-round range so we can
expect to see it, along with the Great Egret, during any round throughout the year
and most often near the lakes on hole numbers 4-5 and 10-11.
The Snowy Egret pictured above was using our lake bulkhead to its hunting
advantage by walking along the rail and then stopping at each post and peering
over the edge, looking for fish. At one point the Snowy was bothered by a
dragonfly buzzing around his head so it reached up and speared it with his black
bill – an unexpected meal during its fishing expedition.