Black-crowned Night-Heron
BraeBurn No. 5, January 9, 2017
There were three Black-crowned Night-Herons on the peninsula that
juts into the lake on the right of the fifth hole when I took the picture
shown. There were two adults and one juvenile and I suspect that I
was seeing a family of three. I haven’t seen many Black-crowned
Night-Herons in my birding (or golfing/birding) outings but the ones
I have seen at BraeBurn have been in the same place: by the pond in
front of the fourth green or by the lake on the right of number five.
There is probably a nest somewhere nearby.
The Black-crowned Night-Heron is a stocky, two-foot long wading
bird that looks to be dressed for a formal black-and-white dinner in
BraeBurn’s Gourmet Room. And it prefers to be active and to dine at
night, hence its name: Night-Heron. A Black-crowned Night-Heron
cousin is the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron that I have not yet seen
at BraeBurn but they have been reported - watch for them on hole
number twelve. The Yellow-crowned Night-Heron is similar in size to the
Black-crowned, but is more slender and grey or purplish-grey in color.
Black-crowned Night-Herons range almost over the entire United States
and they are year-round residents along the Gulf Coast, and at BraeBurn.