Egyptian Geese, BraeBurn No. 4, October 9, 2016
It stopped me in my tracks when I saw these odd-looking ducks.  They are actually Egyptian Geese and I’m glad I took these photos because I had seen them just one time and that was at BraeBurn.  (I did see two more about 8 months later at another golf course.)  Pink feet and pink legs, a brown patch around their eyes, and a “necklace” of brown feathers characterize these geese. 
Egyptian Geese are originally African birds that ranged from south of the Sahara Desert to South Africa.  They were introduced to Europe and the US, perhaps as parts of private collections, and they are actually common in southern Florida.  According to Wikipedia, they were declared a pest in the UK in 2009. 
This pair of Egyptian Geese had no fear and ambled right up to me looking for a handout similar to our resident, and much more common, Muscovy Ducks.  I had three additional sightings of this same pair of Egyptian Geese - I assumed so anyway – in November and December, 2016 on holes number 10 and 11.
They took up part time residence at BraeBurn last year but I have not seen them since.  Perhaps they will return this fall or winter.