Two-headed Black-bellied Whistling Duck, BraeBurn No. 5, August 30, 2017
You may have seen two-headed snakes and two-headed turtles in news photographs recently.  It’s rare but it does happen.  That’s why I was surprised but not completely shocked when I saw this two-headed Black-bellied Whistling Duck at BraeBurn recently.
A two-headed animal is called bicephalic but in this case, the duck above is also called dicephalic (two-headed) parapagus (joined side-by-side).  I’m not sure how this of duck survived to this point but having two heads feeding one body is probably quite efficient.  I did not see this duck fly but it might have looked something like a P-38 Lightning, for you WWII fighter aircraft buffs. 
I hope you all had a happy April Fools Day!