Great Crested Flycatcher, BraeBurn No. 3, May 17, 2017.  Photo by Jack Frank.
Although there are thirty-seven species in the North American flycatcher family, you have a pretty good chance of nailing down an identification if you can note the size, tail length, head crest, and color scheme.  Knowing that and then noticing any subtle differences in wing adornment and tail coloration and knowing their range – where they live – you can narrow the identification down to one or two.  And having a good photo helps tremendously!
My son and I spotted two flycatchers in one of the oak trees just to the left of the hole number 3 tee and it was their call - their unique song - that made us stop, and look, and capture the photo above.  We originally thought they were Western Kingbirds until we got the camera home and loaded up the image.  It turns out that they were Great Crested Flycatchers.
The Great Crested Flycatcher ranges from North Dakota to Texas and east, covering the entire eastern United States, but only during our summer.  It winters in southern Florida, southern Mexico, Cuba, and Central America. 
This was a first time sighting for both of us and the forty-fifth bird species identified at BraeBurn since the BraeBirds bird identification count began in January, 2016.  The count continues and is up to seventy-one at this point.