Eastern Phoebe, BraeBurn No. 11, November 27, 2017
This small flycatcher is an Eastern Phoebe.  I spotted it just to the west of the hole number 11 tee box doing what flycatchers do well: perching, swooping down to grab an insect, and returning to the same perch.  In fact, I just missed photographing this same bird with an insect in its mouth.  This is likely a juvenile (first year) Eastern Phoebe, indicated by the smudge on the sides of the breast and slightly yellow belly that turns completely white in adulthood.
This is mostly an eastern US bird which ranges from Alberta to western Texas and to the eastern seacoast in the summer but which has a much more restricted wintertime range that includes the US and Mexico Gulf Coast, Florida, and up to coastal North Carolina.  According to range maps, we should see the Eastern Phoebe at BraeBurn from July to April but I have only seen them a few times and only during November, December, and January.  It could be that it’s just easier to see them when our trees have no leaves.
When I saw this individual at BraeBurn in November, 2017 it was a first time sighting and the fifty-ninth bird in the BraeBurn bird count.  The current bird count total is seventy-six species...and counting.