One of the most classic of American birds is the very common American Robin.  This is a bird with a range from southern Mexico to northern Alaska and is a year-round resident in almost all of the lower 48 states, including most of Texas.  You can expect to see one on your every visit to BraeBurn.  It’s so common that I didn’t take a photo of one for over two years.  It’s time that the American Robin gets its due.
An American Robin is a type of thrush, all of which are characterized by various shades of brown or reddish-brown.  They forage on our lawns and on BraeBurn’s fairways and they also dine on fruit trees.  They have a lyrical song that is as recognizable as the songs of a Cardinal or a Blue Jay.
Robins are so common that it is surprising that a sports team has not chosen them as their mascot along with other bird mascots such as the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Eagles, Orioles, and Pelicans, etc.  The Brooklyn Dodgers were called the Brooklyn Robins from 1914 to 1931 but they were named after their manager Wilbert Robinson and not the bird.  If a new team is looking for a mascot, the Robin is available.