Mottled Ducks, BraeBurn No. 2, January 30, 2017
I thought that these were female Mallard Ducks when I first saw them but then I saw some Mottled Ducks in Florida so I took a closer look – and I’m now leaning toward Mottled Ducks or perhaps a Mallard/Mottled hybrid, which apparently is quite common.  Another option is the “Mexican Duck” of central Mexico and New Mexico, a Mallard cousin, but because we are not in their range and because of the lighter head and bill coloration shown in the photo, I’m going with Mottled Ducks, male in front and female behind.
In any case, this and one other sighting of a duck hybrid (to be featured in BraeBirds later) are the only Mallard/Mottled duck sightings I have in my over three years at BraeBurn, which is surprising because we have plenty of inviting lakes and ponds for ducks, especially on the front nine.  Our Black-bellied Whistling Ducks and Muscovy Ducks can attest to that.
Mottled Ducks have a very limited range in the US stretching along the Texas to Alabama gulf coast and covering the southern half of Florida.  And on this particular day, in front of the hole number 2 green.