Golf Tip - December

Winter Golf Tips
At BraeBurn, we are fortunate to be able to play golf year-round due to our mild winters, compared to other parts of the country.  However, we do get the occasional cold snaps.  Golf is tough enough at the best of times, but winter conditions can make golf even more challenging. Here are some tips to keep on top of your game!
More club
Check your ego before you start, your ball will not go as far in the cold. You might have to hit 1-2 clubs more (so, a 5 iron instead of a 7 iron) on every shot, but at least you’ll be sure to get to the hole. Because the ball doesn’t go as far, also consider playing one tee up from your normal length.
Consider walking
If you can, choose to walk rather than to use a buggy or cart. You will be surprised how much walking will warm up your body. You will also stay looser, and your swing won’t suffer as much.
Two balls
Cold golf balls don’t fly as far as warm balls, so use two balls. Use each ball on alternate holes, keeping the other in your pocket to keep them as warm as possible. As long as you do not artificially heat the balls during the round you are playing within the rules.
Layer up
We advise wearing multiple layers.  And, don’t forget a good winter hat as we lose 55%-60% of our body heat through our heads. Don’t wear too much, because your swing will suffer.
Softer Balls
Some golf balls are softer than other balls and in cold weather you will want a ball that is easier to compress. A hard ball will feel like steel on a cold day, so play a softer option.
Warm hands
Invest in the proper winter gloves, suited for golf.  Also, hand warmers in your pockets is another good option.  Keeping your hands warm and dry for maintaining a good grip is crucial!
Stay hydrated
Many people will substitute for water and energy drinks with coffee and hot chocolate when it’s cold. Your body needs nutrients and hydration especially when it’s cold, and coffee just doesn’t cut it. Have your hot chocolate, but don’t forget to drink plenty water or an energy drink every hole to stay properly hydrated.