July Golf Tip
Hot Golf!
The temperatures are rising as we hit our summer months, which makes the pace of play seem longer in the hot, humid air. The earlier tee times for golf are in great demand. Each group can only play as fast as the group in front of them. If our “dew sweepers” play in 4:15, the balance of the players behind them will not beat that pace. 
Here are some helpful tips while playing golf this summer:

  • Stay hydrated; drink plenty of clear fluids like water or sports drinks with electrolytes.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, if your requested tee time is before 9am, we recommend playing in under the posted time of 4 hours for 18 holes (not mandatory).  By doing this, this sets the tone for the remainder of the day for your fellow members to enjoy their round in a timely fashion
  • Lastly, it can feel like the remaining 4-5 holes get backed up or take a long time to play; be aware of your pace throughout the round and make sure to finish your game in a timely fashion.