Golf Tip - April 
Golf Tip
Thanks to a 2019 USGA rule change, golfers now have three options when putting in 2019: Remove the pin completely, have someone tend the pin, or leave the pin in unattended. If your putt hits the pin in the third scenario, there’s no penalty (formerly two strokes or loss of hole).
3 things to consider:
1. Perhaps most surprising, when the flagstick leans either slightly toward the golfer or away, the odds of it helping to keep the ball in the hole increase: With it leaning away, the hole becomes effectively larger; when it leans toward the golfer, the ball rebounds downward, helping shots find the hole.
2. Only in the most obvious case, when the flagstick is leaning so far toward the golfer that there isn’t enough room for the ball, leaving the flagstick in a bad idea. Check the flagstick before you chip or putt to be sure it’s sitting properly in the cup. (The Rules of Golf prohibit you from positioning a flagstick to your advantage. But you may leave a tilting flagstick as is or center it in the hole.)
3. The flagstick can still aid you, even if you don’t hit it dead center, and is especially advantageous when chipping downhill, at faster speeds, or when you’re putting from an inch or two off the green in the fringe, as it will help you make more putts.