A Message from the WGA President - March
Louann Gallagher


At the time of writing this article, the weather has been dreary and wet for a while now but many were looking forward to playing in the first WGA tournament of the year on February 13. That would be the GALentine Tournament hosted by Edna, Donna and Trish. I will give you an update in next month’s article on the winners. Thank you Edna, Donna and Trish for taking the time and effort to put on a special day for us.
A couple of calendar reminders for March/April, March 5 will be the first Interclub of the year and will be held at Shadowhawk. On March 20, 2019, we will hold our Member Guest Tournament. Cecile Marcoux and Maria Rosenfield will chair the event and it promises to be an enjoyable time. This particular tournament is a nice way to show off the course and club to your guests and have some great fun.  In April, we will hold the President’s Cup Match Play Tournament on April 17 which will be a one day event with 3 nine hole matches. So please note these dates and play some golf with the WGA this spring if you can! 
Also there are some new procedures for Saturday golf and this is all posted in the Ladies Locker Room.
All the best and have some fun playing golf!