Sign-up for the 18-, 9-, and 4-Hole groups may be done by calling the ProShop 713.774.8788 or emailing Zack Vinson at . Please do so by 5 PM the day prior in order to allow time for pairings and preparation of the scorecards. Please call the pro shop as early as possible if you have to cancel. If you find at the last minute you can play, again, please phone the  pro shop as soon as possible.
NOTE: Golfers arriving past the check-in time will be allowed to play at the back of the field.


Please check-in at 8:30 AM at the starter’s table to receive your scorecard and tee assignment.


All players must be on their assigned tee with their group by 8:55 AM to facilitate the 9:00 AM shotgun start.


Check in with the pro shop or Nine Hole Chair at 9:15 AM to obtain pairings, scorecards and tee assignments. Play commences at 9:30 AM on the back nine.


Periodically, September to May, the pro shop will conduct 4-Holer clinics. The clinics will take place on the driving range beginning at 9:30 AM with a different subject covered each time. After the clinic, the group will play 4 holes on the course – breaking into groups not exceeding four players each. As often as possible, a player from the 18-hole group will join in the play to answer questions that arise regarding things such as rules, course etiquette, shot suggestions, etc.


All USGA Rules apply on Monthly Medal  Play Days, including the 14 club rule. All putts must be holed. We encourage you to keep playing, even if you have a bad hole, to complete the round. You can, however, pick up at any time you choose and still play the rest of the round. Your score will not be included for the daily competition.  On Play Days, your score will be entered by the pro shop.
If you do have a rules question, you can play the hole using each interpretation of the rule and get a ruling from the pro shop when you come in. [Note: Monthly Medal play days are stroke-play competitions where playing two balls when there is a dispute and getting a ruling later is an option. If the play day happens to be a match play competition, playing two balls in, is not an option. See the USGA Rules of Golf for dispute options for match play.]




A sample scorecard is found at the end of this Play Book. Your card must include your gross score*, net score*and ESC* score. It also must be signed by the scorer and attested by the player. On Monthly Medal Play Days, official scorecards are traded and are marked by a fellow competitor. You will want to keep your score also, either at the bottom of the official scorecard you are marking for someone else, or on another scorecard. Cards should be turned in to the pro shop at end of play. Please make an effort to complete your round in a timely fashion and enjoy lunch with your fellow golfers after turning in your scorecard. We would like to see everyone in the 18-hole group gather by 1:15 PM.


One of the most important aspects to enjoyment of the game of golf is “Pace of Play.” Eighteen holes of golf can and should be played in four hours – four and one half at most. Proper pace of play requires you be in sight of the group in front of you without pushing them and also not requiring the group following you to have to wait. The course should flow smoothly. If you have a hole open in front of you, and the group behind you is waiting, etiquette requires you allow the group behind you to play through. Ideally, keeping up will prevent such situations.
Organized activities such as Play Days should have all groups finishing at approximately the same time. If you are consistently behind the rest of the group, you may want to review some of your procedures. Do you take an assortment of clubs when checking a ball position? Do you begin scouting the green as soon as you walk up to it? Are you READY when it is your turn to play? The recommended time to play your ball is 45 seconds or less, time starting when it is your turn to play. Do you leave the green as soon as your foursome has finished a hole and wait to mark the scorecard at the next hole, while others are teeing off?
Making a few simple adjustments could greatly improve your pace and make the round more enjoyable for not only you but also those playing with you. It will also prepare you for play at other venues, such as Interclub, some of which have a time limit for entering a score if it is to be counted. WGA events this year will also include a time frame for inclusion.
If you are in the “Beginner” category (and we ALL have been there!), you may pick your ball up when your strokes equal 10 (maximum ESC*). Or, for example, if your golf game is not ready to hit a ball over the water on hole #6, one suggestion would be to hit your tee shot, then possibly a lay-up shot. When it is time to hit your ball over the water, just pick up your ball and drop it near the green and play your ball in from there. If others in your foursome are playing in the competition, please make sure that your “picking up” does not interfere in any way with their game.
One Play Day each month we have Monthly Medal Play – Medal play is a Gross Stroke Play competition. The Lowest Gross Score for the day is the Monthly Medalist. Pairings are done strictly by Handicap Index* (HCI*) with the lowest taking the 1st tee. At the end of the season, there is a playoff with all the Monthly Medalists participating, for the low gross Medalist Prize. This year the WGA is including the lowest net score each month in the playoff.  The scores from the Medalist playoff will be posted as a Tournament Score*.
On Play Days other than Monthly Medal, the Pro Shop does the pairings. It is the hope to mix the field so we can all get to know each other. You may, however, include a pairing request when you sign up. Pace of play is always a consideration in pairings and something we should all be aware of.


Members with established handicaps who are in good standing are eligible to compete for awards, daily or annual. For the 4- and 9-Hole groups, golfers of any level are encouraged to participate, but only members in good standing with established handicaps are eligible to compete for awards, daily or annual. New WGA members in good standing may play on Wednesday Play Days without an established handicap, with the understanding that all scores will be posted in order to establish a handicap. Once a handicap is established, the new member will be eligible for daily and annual awards.