Membership at BraeBurn - July 
What makes BraeBurn so special? How many good times have you enjoyed at your Club?  Think about what made you join, and then think about who you know, through work, church, civic clubs, kid’s activities, and your social contacts, that would enjoy those same experiences. BraeBurn is the place to belong, with a welcoming atmosphere, sense of community and camaraderie, full of good times and family fun, whether on the golf course, dining in the club, or relaxing at the pool.  I’d like to inspire you to show off BraeBurn’s many amenities to your future member friends! Invite your friends and colleagues out to play at BraeBurn this summer!
Throughout the summer, bring out your member prospects to enjoy a round of golf, some family fun at the pool, the 4th of July festivities, or any one of our many social activities!    I would be happy to arrange a day at the Club for your friends and colleagues, to enjoy a round of golf, a dip in the pool with their family, a great dinner, and even better company.  I will gladly send a personalized invitation to join BraeBurn on your behalf. 
Thank you to the member families that have recently sponsored new members, for your support of membership at BraeBurn!
Jason Ormsby, Chuck Caldwell, Donna Kohlhausen, Trish Schmid, Mike Kelly, Clayton Black, Steve Hollerbach, Jason Cooper, Brian Miller, Gavin Roseman, Sean Fitzpatrick, Bryan Bednarski, James Reynolds, Ryan Fleck, Adam Skorecki, Ben Wylie, Jason Berryman, Scott Probst, and Frank Hogan!
Lisa Carruth, Membership Director                         
(713)774-2586, ext. 210       
Welcome New Members:
Adam & Sylvia Burke, sponsored by Brian Miller and Gavin Roseman
Ryan and Jennifer Cassens, sponsored by Sean Fitzpatrick and James Reynolds
Russell Content and Pamela Soliman, sponsored by Bryan Bednarski and Ryan Fleck
Blair Brown, sponsored by Adam Skorecki and Sean Fitzpatrick
Kenneth and Meghan Lutschg, sponsored by Ben Wylie and Jason Berryman
Alexander and Lindsay Mericli, sponsored by Scott Probst and Frank Hogan