Fitness Center

. Operating hours are from 7:00AM until 8:20PM Tuesday through Sunday.  Reservations may be made through Carnell Specks at strongarmfit@gmail.com, with the first reservation at 7:00AM.  
·         Masks are required inside all Club facilities, including the fitness Center
·         Each Member must wear gloves at all times (Club provided).
·         Please sanitize each piece of equipment when you are done using it. Sanitizer and disposable towels will be    provided. We will have staff on hand for this as well but please do your part in the process.
·         You will need to supply your own yoga mats and remove them when you depart.

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainers
Patti Grammer Kirkham
Please phone or text Patti at 713-503-8500 or email her at swinglikeagolfer@gmail.com to set up an appointment.
Bill Wilson
To schedule a training session with Bill, please email him at billnwilson@comcast.net.

Training and Wellness Personal Trainers
Strong Arm Fitness
Carnell Specks, Fitness Center Manager