Exciting news!  Pickleball is now available at BraeBurn!   Pickleball is becoming a highly popular sport, and we look forward to any of you coming out to play!
We are excited to see so many members utilizing the new amenities to our tennis facility. The variable speed ball machine and tennis balls are getting lots of use, and we are excited to see more of you playing!  As a reminder, for safety purposes, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use this equipment without adult supervision.
Although our property is fenced, we ask that after each use, the balls and ball machine be locked into the storage locker to avoid any damages or theft of the equipment.

We are also in the process of narrowing down an instructor for pickleball, and should have more information regarding pickleball instruction in the next several weeks. 
 To reserve the court for either tennis or pickleball, go to www.reservemycourt.com!